Publication Frequency

The publication frequency of a journal refers to how often it releases new issues or volumes. Qaulan: Journal of Islamic Communication and Broadcasting, the publication frequency is stated as twice a year, specifically in June and December. This means that the journal publishes two separate issues annually, with one released in June and the other in December.

This biannual publication schedule aligns with the broader practices of many academic journals. The decision to publish semi-annually may be influenced by various factors, including the availability of high-quality submissions, the time required for thorough peer review, and the desire to maintain a consistent and predictable publication timeline.

By releasing issues twice a year, Qaulan provides a regular and timely platform for researchers, scholars, and practitioners in the field of Islamic communication and broadcasting to share their latest work and contribute to the academic discourse. This periodicity allows the journal to accommodate a diverse range of topics and maintain a steady flow of relevant and up-to-date content for its readership.