El-Jaudah is a scientific journal in the field of Arabic language education, literature and culture, linguistics, and all those related to Arabic education and literature. This Journal welcomes submission of previously unpublished research articles with Arabic Language or English Language all those concerned with second or foreign language teaching, general and applied linguistics, discourse analysis and literature, as well as education.

The journal is devoted to the scientific studies exhibiting solid research methodology and presenting findings with pedagogically significant implications, and published by Department of Arabic Education of State Collage for Islamic Studies of Mandailing Natal, in partnership with IMLA (Association of Arabic Lectures) and PPJKBA (Association of Journal Manager in Arabic Studies). This Journal published twice a year, that is Juny and Desember. Editors accept manuscripts that have never been published or published by other media from lecturers, researchers, students and practitioners with existing writing conditions. Incoming manuscripts will be evaluated and edited for a variety of formats, terms and other procedures


E-ISSN : 2722-3434

P-ISSN : 2722-2675