About The Journal

The Journal of English Education and Linguistics welcomes submission of previously unpublished research articles on areas of signi´Čücance to all those concerned with second or foreign language teaching, general and applied linguistics, discourse analysis and literature, as well as education.

The journal is devoted to the scientific studies exhibiting solid research methodology and presenting findings with pedagogically significant implications.

Although the articles are published in English, we also invite any articles concerning the teaching and learning of languages other than English.  This is published on june and december , E-ISNN : 2721-8236 , P-ISNN :2722-2667

Please read this guideline carefully !. Every manuscript sent to the journal's editorial office should follow the rules for writing. If the manuscript doesn't follow the author's instructions or if it's written in a different format, it will be REJECTED before it can be looked at more closely. Only manuscripts that fit the format of the journal will be taken further.