Focus and Scope

The Journal of English Education and Linguistics is an academic journal that focuses on English education and linguistics. It covers various topics related to English education and linguistic research, aiming to enhance English education, promote knowledge sharing among educators and scholars, and explore linguistic theories and practices.

The focus includes the following topics:

  1. English education methodologies and strategies
  2. Language acquisition and development of English learners
  3. Education programs and policies
  4. English education technologies and tools
  5. English education and multiculturalism
  6. English education assessment

Additionally, the journal covers a range of topics related to linguistics, such as:

  1. Language structure and grammar
  2. Phonology and pronunciation
  3. Discourse analysis and stylistics
  4. Language variation and sociolinguistics
  5. Language cognition and processing
  6. Morphology and vocabulary

The Journal of English Education and Linguistics explores these topics through various research methods, providing insights into the latest trends in English education and linguistics. It publishes high-quality academic papers by reviewing manuscripts from domestic and international scholars. The journal aims to enhance knowledge and understanding in the fields of English education and linguistics and foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among researchers and educators.